Benefits of Massage

When you get a massage your body automatically goes into the "relaxation response" instead of our usual "fight or flight" mode. We are normally operating in this stressed condition ready to respond to everyone elses needs and fight for what we want to achieve..... day in and day out.


Getting a massage gives your body and mind a break and allows your spirit and energy (chi) to return to its natural state.


Tissue Level
Enhances tissue repair and scar formation
Improves connective tissue health and pliability of fascia. Breaks adhesions and separates tissues.

Organ System Level
Integumentary System (skin) - Stimulates sensory receptors in skin. Increases superficial
circulation. Removes dead skin and adds moisture with oil. Increases sebaceous gland secretions
Facilitates healthy scar formation

Skeletal System
Promotes good joint function, flexibility and range of motion. Promotes proper skeletal alignment
Muscular System
“Milks” metabolic waste into venous and lymph flow
Promotes specific and general muscle relaxation. Releases myofascial adhesions
Nervous System
Stimulates the parasympathetic system (relaxation response) Reduces pain and sharpens body awareness
Endocrine System
Releases endorphines (with the nervous system)
Cardiovascular System
Increases general and local circulation. Enhances venous return. Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
Lymphatic System
Increases lymph fluid movement. Improves immune function via stress reduction.
Respiratory System
Encourages diaphragmatic breathing. Relaxes muscles of respiration.
Digestive System
Digestion improved with relaxation. Facilitates bowel movement.
Urinary System
Enhances circulation to the kidneys. Increased urinary production and bladder tension

Organism Level
Growth and Development - Improves growth and development in infants
Pain Reduction - Relieves muscle pain from tension and poor circulation
Stress reduction - Triggers relaxation response
Psychological Effects - Increases Mental clarity. Reduces anxiety. Facilitates emotional release
Promotes feelings of general well-being