Connect with Mother Earth

A lovely cluster of Red Jasper, Garnet and Hematite gems together with a dragonfly charm on a convenient and easy to use clasp.

Clip it onto your own existing necklaces or bracelets or keep it close to your heart and wear as a pendant on one of our quality Sterling Silver Chains.

All components are Sterling Silver
The split ring allows you to add items of your own that are meaningful to you.

Healing Properties and Meaning:

Red Jasper:
A grounding stone that brings unjust situations to light.
It is a stone of health, strengthening and detoxifying the It cleans and stabilizes the aura.

Boosts self esteem, dissolves negativity.
Enhances reliability and confidence.

Promotes patience, consistency and love.

The Dragonfly:

A messenger of positive change.

The healing principle of working with Chakras and gemstones has been in existence for thousands of years.

Crystals resonate at different frequencies, and together with the power of intention the appropriate healing energy is channeled.