Amethyst Ring

Amethyst Ring

Beautiful delicate style stretch ring.  
Fits most sizes.
Very comfortable and ideal for summer and anytime your fingers might swell slightly.

I designed this ring for my mother who suffers from arthritis making it difficult for her wear solid bands, which she could no longer slide over her enlarged knuckles. She loves it!

Reasonably priced and made with 925 Sterling Silver solid walled, seamless beads and genuine Amethyst stone.

Amethyst has a highly spiritual energy which enhances higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness, making it great for meditation. This quality makes Amethyst one of the chief sobriety stones assisting in addiction release. Amethyst vibrations activate the Third Eye Chakra which enhances intuition.
  • Details

    17 x 3mm Seamless Sterling Silver Bead
    2 x 5mm Seamless Sterling Silver Bead
    2 x Daisy Heishe Sterling Silver Bead
    1 x 6mm Round smooth Amethyst Bead
    High quality expandable thread.
    Product can be customised if different sizing is required.
    Soulstones Guaranteed.